Free Deep Blue + How to Use

All throughout the month of March, dōTERRA was offering free Deep Blue Rub and a free 5mL bottle of Deep Blue with any 200PV order. The deal was so good that they’ve extended it until April 15th! Which means you’ve still got 13 days to get your hands on this incredible deal.

How to take advantage of this promotion:

If you’re already a dōTERRA customer, just log into your account, add products you’d love to have in your home to your LRP cart until it’s at or over 200PV, then the Deep Blue promotion will automatically be added to your order.

Not yet a dōTERRA member? That’s okay! This promotion works for enrollments too! What a better way to not only get free Deep Blue into your home but also with the membership, you’ll receive every dōTERRA product at wholesale price, you can place orders whenever you want, earn free shipping and free product points on Loyalty Rewards Points (LRP) orders ,and more! Then, every year to renew your membership, it’s just $25 and dōTERRA sends you a bottle of Peppermint as a thank you. It’s that easy! Click here and then choose the tab, “Become A Member”, choose if you’d like to be a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate, (they are the same accounts except Wellness Advocates have the opportunity to make an income if they ever want to), and then enter your information and choose your kit. Any kit over 200PV (Home Essentials Kit or above) will qualify you for the free Deep Blue promotion until April 15th.

The Science

dōTERRA’s Deep Blue is made up of the following oils: Blue Chamomile, Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, and Osmanthus. Each of these oils are sourced from all over the world and have been tested to ensure they’re CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). Deep Blue is a soothing blend that has been formulated to help provide relief and comfort to sore joints and muscles after a long day of work or strenuous exercise.

Our Favorite Uses for Deep Blue

  1. After a long day, we love to apply Deep Blue Rub to the back of our necks and shoulders to relieve tension and stress.
  2. During pregnancy, I’ve been experiencing hip pain and lower back pain. Every time the pain flares up, I apply Deep Blue and within minutes the pain is gone.
  3. After an intense workout whether it be weight lifting, cardio, swimming, yoga, etc., we like to apply Deep Blue to help soothe our muscles.
  4. Just this past weekend we were moving brand new furniture into our home…Deep Blue came to the rescue after all of the heavy lifting, stair climbing, and building.
  5. Working from home has its perks! I’m on the road quite a bit, getting to meet new people all of the time, making my own schedule. But there are days when I’m at home working on my laptop while sitting at my desk for hours. Whether it’s in an office or at home, Deep Blue has been wonderful with relieving stress and soothing slight headaches after a long day of work or staring at computer screens.

Remember, this Deal is Only Here Until the 15th!

Deep Blue is a must have staple in our home. Did you know that the Home Essentials kit already comes with a 5mL bottle of Deep Blue? That means, if you enroll with that kit before the 15th, you’ll get an EXTRA bottle of Deep Blue and you’ll receive Deep Blue Rub for FREE! You’re not going to want to miss out on this deal! Want more information on Deep Blue or a dōTERRA membership? Email us at

Written by Jillian Hughes
April 3rd, 2019

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