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We are dōTERRA wellness advocate leaders, entrepreneurs, and a God loving family. After I, Jillian, was diagnosed with stroke migraines, we needed to find a natural way to help because pharmaceutical medicine just wasn’t cutting it. That’s when we became introduced to dōTERRA and the essential oils have changed our lives for the better ever since. Not only has dōTERRA helped improve our health, but they’ve also given us the financial opportunity to run our very own successful business.

We have no prior business experience, no formal qualifications and we understand what it’s like to struggle financially and not be able to fully live out your life the way you dream to. But we’ve decided to take control over our health and our lives and we can’t wait to show you how. We find joy and happiness in helping people live simpler and natural lives, become financially free, and live their dreams to the fullest. So let’s stop making excuses, let’s change our mindsets, and let’s follow in God’s plan for us.